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  Home 1.  What is Ultrasound and is it audible?

- Ultrasound is a continuous cycle of sound waves at a frequency (≥ 20KHz) which actually is, by definition, beyond the upper limits of the human auditory sense.  However, researchers have shown that the younger age groups do have the capacity to hear some spectrums of ultrasound waves, but that ability generally diminishes with age.  


2.  Is Ultrasound safe?  What are some medicinal applications of Ultrasound technology?

- Ultrasound technology is absolutely safe when used as directed.  In fact, it has a long history of use in medicine.  For example, Medical Sonography Imaging is commonly used during pregnancy to determine the health and development of an unborn fetus.  Both Focused Ultrasound Surgery (FUS) and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) have been used in the treatment of both benign and malignant tumors.  Focused ultrasound sources are also tools used in the treatment of cataracts, dislodging of kidney stones, teeth cleanings, physical/occupational therapies,  liposuctions, tooth and bone regenerations, elastography, etc.  Ultrasound has also been shown to have synergistic effects with antibiotics in killing bacteria.  Ultrasound has been shown to facilitate the delivery of drugs across the skin, promote gene therapy to targeted tissues, deliver chemotherapeutic drugs into tumors and effectively deliver thrombolytic drugs into blood clots.  Additionally, ultrasound has also been shown to facilitate the healing of wounds and bone fractures [Ref. 1].  Many of these examples have been FDA-approved for many years now, while others are in the later stages of Clinical Studies.


3. How do Ultrasonic Health & Beauty Devices work in conjunction with topical compounds?

-Transdermal delivery of topical compounds using Ultrasound has the potential to be an extremely efficient delivery mechanism.  Topical application avoids the effects of both gastric degradation and hepatic first-pass metabolism.  The epidermis represents a large surface area for absorption, has relatively low proteolytic activity and is undoubtedly one of the most easily accessible organs of the body [Ref. 2]. 

-Ultrasound energy produces a mechanical pressure wave through soft tissue. This pressure wave may cause microscopic bubbles in living tissues, and distortion of the cell membrane, influencing ion fluxes and intracellular activity.  When ultrasound enters the body, it causes molecular friction and heats the tissues slightly.  This effect is very minor as normal tissue perfusion dissipates heat.  With high intensity, it can also cause small pockets of gas in body fluids or tissues to expand and contract/collapse in a phenomena called microcavitation [Ref. 3].  Ultrasonic cavitation alters the structure of the lipid bi-layer of the stratum cormeum by washing away the fats and oils holding the skin intact and removing the dead skin cells. The process creates reversible micro channels (about 25-125 microns, which is smaller than the width of a strand of hair) through which medicines or topical nutrients can be delivered and analytes extracted, all without the use of needles.  The skin returns to its initial state in 24 to 48 hours.  The overall effect of Ultrasound energy is to enhance the penetration of the topical compounds while exciting their molecular compositions to drastically augment their therapeutic potency. 


4.  What are the effects of using Ultrasonic Health & Beauty Devices?

-The use of ultrasound devices in treatments have three major effects [Ref. 4]:

Mechanical effects: The mechanical effects include the very important micro-massage of tissue, softening of scars, increased superficial toning, and increased elasticity of the skin.

Thermal effects: The thermal effects of ultrasound create friction and increase local heat.  By increasing the metabolism of fibroblasts and other connective tissue cells, production of collagen and elastin increases.  Increased temperature also stimulates blood flow to the area, bringing with it more oxygen and nutrients for healing.  Another benefit of increased blood flow is an increase in lymph flow, which aids in removing toxins and waste products.

Chemicals effects:   Ultrasound helps increase the rate of chemical reactions in cells to facilitate healing.  It also decreases the local pH and increases the permeability of skin cells, effects that favor the penetration of active ingredients in the epidermis.


5.  How do I maximize these effects?

-Ultrasound waves do not conduct well through air. They need a medium (such as liquid/gel) to produce an effect.  For product penetration, if the active ingredients you are using dries quickly or produces friction between the blade and skin, you might not get the all the benefits of the above effects due to a shortened treatment time.  The best thing to do is after applying the active ingredients to the skin, add a bit of conductive gel to the skin surface and proceed with the treatment.  But if the product you are using already comes in a gel-form, you do not need to use a conductive gel.  The most important thing to remember is that ultrasound waves needs a conductive medium through which to travel through.


6.  Why can't I feel your Ultrasonic Health & Beauty Devices get hot or vibrate during usage?

-We commonly encounter the following question at Tradeshows, "How come our ultrasound probes are not hot and the vibrations cannot be felt when one puts their skin against the surface?"  The answer is simple; ultrasound waves do NOT generate heat or induce thermal changes at the surface (neither the skin nor the probes).  The principle behind Ultrasound Therapy is that ultrasound waves penetrate the skin to warm the area underneath it to achieve its purpose (the depth of penetration is dependent on the intensity level of the probe). 

-Additionally, therapeutic ultrasound waves at the correct frequencies are only supposed to produce microcavitation/microvibration causing deep micro-heating locally, which is VERY rarely felt by the client/patient.  The physical effects of both microcavitation/microvibration are not generally perceptible to touch either.  Therefore, ultrasound probes that are noticeably hot and/or vibrate are definite signs that the energy output level is too strong and thus will not provide beneficial results.  Unfortunately, this is the case all too often as most of the less expensive ultrasonic devices currently available in the marketplace (commonly manufactured in China) fall into this category.  If a burning sensation or pain occurs during or after a treatment using an ultrasound probe, immediately stop using the device because the device has not been calibrated correctly and is not within the FDA safety guidelines.  It is important when shopping for an ultrasound device, to make sure that the distributor knows the exact specifications of their products.


7.  How do I know whether my Ultrasonic Health & Beauty Devices are functioning properly?

- To test the Skin Spatula, simply turn on the device (to clean mode) and drop some water onto the surface of the blade tip.  As long as the water vaporizes upwards, it is functioning properly.

-To test our line of ultrasonic massagers, there are two tests you may perform.  The first test is similar to the Skin Spatula test, where you place a few drops of water on the probe and turn it on.  If the water vaporizes, then the unit is fine.  The second test is also quite simple.  Place some lotion on the probe and gently massage it onto the back of your hand in slow concentric circles for at least two minutes.  After at least two minutes of massage, place the probe on another part of your body (generally the upper forearm), the probe should feel cool to the touch, but when you place it back onto the massage site, you should feel a slightly warmer sensation.


8.  Is the blade of the Skin Spatula hand-piece supposed to be hissing during operation?  Why do I have to send the entire Skin Spatula Unit back when all I need is a replacement hand-piece?

-The hissing sound from the blade is caused by the vibration of the blade.  This is normal for the device to function in this way.  Every hand piece has a different frequency within the range of 24 KHz to 28 KHz.  We adjust every main machine to match the frequency of the hand piece.  This is one of the reasons why when your hand piece needs to be replaced, the entire unit must be returned so that the main machine is recaliberated to match the new hand piece.


9.  How exactly do your Ultrasonic Health & Beauty Devices generate ultrasound waves?

-Ultrasonic sound can be produced by transducers which operate either by the piezoelectric effect or the magnetostrictive effect.  The magnetostrictive transducers can be used to produce high intensity ultrasonic sound in the 20-40 kHz range for ultrasonic cleaning and other mechanical applications.

-Most skin spatula/scrubbers have a frequency of around 25 KHz.  The PZT ceramic crystals are on the blade part that is contained in the casing.  There are 3 PZT crystals on each side of the blade which makes the blade oscillate once electricity goes through.  Due to blade oscillation, a high-pitched sound is generated that some can hear while others cannot.  We have observed actual sound sensitivity at trade shows, when we power on the machine for demos.  Some people cannot bear to be near the device because of the discomfort.  Others do not even hear a thing.  Other ultrasound probes are usually only 1, 2, or 3 MHz with one PZT crystal that vibrates up and down so no high-pitched sound is generated. 

-If the ultrasound device only has 1 PZT ceramic crystal, people normally do not hear anything.  The Skin Spatula has 6 PZT ceramic crystals: 3 on each side of the stainless steel blade (the part enclosed in the handpiece).  The current used to trigger the crystals' vibration is different in timing for each side.  This produces two different sound waves which is efficient for cleaning the skin.  With the size of the stainless steel blade being vibrated, it will often make the high pitch sound.  The technique used to adhere the ceramic crystals to the blade is also a factor with the production of a high pitch noise.


10.   Are there contraindications of therapeutic ultrasonic  devices in general?

-As far as we know from our literature research, there are no contraindications to operators of the ultrasonic devices.  However, certain medical conditions do exist that prevent the usage of ultrasound as a therapeutic on clients/patients.  These conditions include circulatory deficiency, malignancy,  pregnancy (directly over abdomen) , or acute/severe infection.  Additionally, the ultrasonic applications should never be administered over the eyes, heart (especially for those with a pacemaker), spinal column, growing bones, testes, growth plates of children, carotid sinuses, cervical stellate ganglion, and vagus nerve.  It is extremely important to note that the head of the ultrasound probe must be kept in constant motion at all times during administration to prevent an excessive buildup of focused ultrasound energy.  


11.  Do I need to use a Galvanic System with the Ultrasonic SkinSpatula?  What is the difference between Ultrasonic and Galvanic Penetration?

-The quick and simple answer is "No."  A Galvanic System is not necessary (though it can be used if desired) when an Ultrasonic System is in use because the two Systems utilize two completely different laws of Physics.

-The purpose behind the use of a Galvanic System is to utilize the flow of ions (in this case electrons) to draw some formulation of the skin care product into the skin by simulating the creation of a closed circuit loop.  This System works because essentially all chemical compounds dissociate into their ionic derivatives when in solution (in both liquid and gel mediums).  Therefore, an electrical charge from a circuit would literally pull/attract ions of the opposite charge toward it (or deeper into the dermis), while repelling ions with similar charge (out of the body).  For example, visualize this electrical charge-to-ion interaction as magnets that either repel or attract each other.     

-On the otherhand, none of these charge-to-ion interaction matter at all when an Ultrasonic System is used.  Ultrasound utilizes sound energy in the form of sound waves to disrupt the assembly of the dermis/epidermis cells to create channels in the skin to BOTH draw out cellular debris and dead skin cells AND to penetrate the skin care product.  


12.   Why should I purchase my Ultrasonic Health & Beauty Devices from Bellaire Industry & Trading Company?

-All of our Ultrasonic Health & Beauty products are FDA 510K Registered, UL-listed, and CE approved, so you can be 100% assured that all of our product specifications (i.e. emitted wavelengths, intensities, equipped timers, etc) are tightly regulated by multiple international agencies and have been tested to perform as stated.  Additionally, the use of FDA registered devices in both esthetics and medical settings is usually mandated by local laws and regulations. 

-We are the largest Skin Spatula/Scrubber handpiece distributor internationally, with large customer bases in Asia, North/South America, and Europe.  In fact, many of the machines in Europe that sell for as high as 5,000.00 to 10,000.00 Euro use our handpiece as part of their ultrasound devices. 

-Our interactions do not end with the sale.  If you have any concerns, comments, or suggestions with your purchase, we will be more than happy to address them.  The customer is the most important person to us and we will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction with our product and company.

-Most importantly, we completely stand behind ALL of our products.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, simply return it within 30 days of purchase for an UNCONDITIONAL 100% Money Back Refund.  Additionally, we are so confident of our product lines that they all come with a full one year warranty against manufacturer defects.  All repairs will be performed in-house. 



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